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Who are teaching Aikido at the Aikido Stichting Delft?

Charles Kientz

6e dan Aikikai Aikido

Charles Kientz (21-12-1950), has been teaching Aikido in Delft since May 1985. After becoming Shodan (1st dan) in 1987 Charles founded the Aikido Stitching Delft. From 1987 until present Charles is the main teacher (Sensei), head of the Dojo and board member of the Aikido Stitching Delft.

In January 2014 he received this Rokudan (6th Dan) diploma from the Hombu dojo (Japan). Charles was one of the co-founders of the CABN and is also the co-founder and secretary of Aikikai Doushi, our federation.


Jan Lieffering, 5e dan Aikikai Aikido

Jan Lieffering

5th dan Aikikai Aikido

1st dan Judo

Jan Lieffering (16-01-1945) has been teaching Aikido Stichting Delft since 1996. Jan has had a long budo career. He has been a fanatic judoka for 30 years and has also practiced Taekwondo.

When exploring the idea of doing Aikido in 1987 he was attracted by the following elements: The symmetry; and how in Aikido you don’t block but go with the flow of your opponent. In 1998 Jan got his Shodan (1st dan) diploma and in 2015 he received his Godan (5th dan) diploma.


Ed Prins

3e dan Aikikai Aikido

Ed Pris (1954) is a father of three children and a grandfather of five grandchildren.

Ed started Aikido when he was 41. Since 2007 he has instructed for the beginners lessons. In his lessons safety and having fun while learning are key.


Sandra Kaandorp

3e dan Aikikai Aikido

Sandra Kaandorp has been training Aikido for almost 25 years. She started Aikido by accident and has become more enthousiastic each year. Sandra teaches the youth group and gives breakfall lessons for beginners.

In daily life Sandra is a teacher for deaf and multiple handicapt youth. She also teaches these kids and young adults defensibility. She has even given Aikido and defensibility to disabled people in Ethiopia and South Africa!

Ivo van der Lans

1e dan Aikikai Aikido

Ivo (19-06-1975) started Judo in 1982 and became active in all different kinds of sport thereafter. He has been very active in Scouting. In 2009 he started Aikido and since 2011 he has been assisting the children’s lessons.

Currently Ivo teaches the children and combines this with his own search for freedom, acceptance of guidance and making choices. “Very important to practice Aikido with a smile!”

Fred Veer

4e dan Aikikai Aikido

Fred Veer (15-04-1964) has been praticing Aikido at the ASD since 1989 and has reached the 4th dan. He is also a graduated aikido teacher and a fencing teacher. Through out the years he has gained a focus on the technical parts of Aikido.

Guest teachers

Ze’ev sensei, an inspiriring teacher from Israel who comes to our dojo every year.

Yamashima sensei, a very experienced aikido teacher from Japan who’s lessons are superb.

Peter Floor sensei, a befriended teacher from Spijkenisse who teaches at our dojo every year.

The board of the ASD

Next to the teachers, the board of the ASD consists of the following members

Charles Kientz

Chairman and secretary of Aikikai Doushi

Jacqueline v.d. Linden


Tom Koorneef


Joffrey Wallaart