What is Aikido?


Aikido is a Japanese martial art based on, evasive actions, throwing moves and different kinds of joint locks. With Aikido you can neutralise aggression and violence without harming the aggressor.

Many people who practise Aikido would describe it as more than just the physical pursuit. Behind the dynamic techniques, in which the energy of the attack is used for the defence of the Aikidoka (attacked), lies a philosophy, which can be applied to study, work and social life.

Everybody can do it

The techniques used in Aikido make use of the energy provided by the attacker in favour of the Aikidoka. This means that you don’t have to be strong to be good at Aikido. With Aikido the smallest woman can neutralise the biggest man.

Age too is no boundary. At the Aikido Stichting Delft our oldest member is in their seventies and we know people still practicing Aikido that are well into their eighties.


Introduction course

Are you curious to see if Aikido is something for you?

You can always come and visit one of our training sessions. And of course it is much more fun if you participate. If after one or two sessions you want to continue we offer a special introductory course at a reduced price.

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