Dojo etiquette

Dojo etiquette is to ensure that everybody can train in a good atmosphere. Respect for each other, the teacher and the sport are key. In our dojo we have the following etiquette.

Before and after the training

  • Greet/bow towards the portrait of O-Sensei when entering or leaving the dojo

Start and end of each training

  • Sit on your knees (seiza) in order of experience, with the most experienced to the right at the start and end of the training
  • Teacher and students greet each other with the Japanese words “onegai shimas” at the start and “arigato gozaimas’ta” at the end of each lesson

During the training

  • Greet your trainings partner at the start of an exercise
  • Respect your teacher when he gives extra information with a bow after his explanation
  • Give your training partner time to practise the extra information given by the teacher


  • Make sure your clothing is clean
  • Make sure your nails of hand and feet are short to avoid cuts and injuries
  • Don’t wear jewellery
  • Wear flip flops outside the mat


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